Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feather Extensions are Not Moko-friendly

Dear Clients,

Moko would like to make an official statement about feather extensions. We made the hard decision to not carry them a few weeks ago, and now we are making it official. We know you loved them - so did we.

We loved all of the feather colors we saw on the runway. We had researched them all over the web, chose high quality 'cruelty-free' feathers, and actually started bundling our own feather combinations for clients.To put simply, we were doing really well as' word of mouth'' spread about moko's feather collection. Further, we got great press and every day the phones rang with more questions about feathers.

What happened?

News hit about the beauty industry depleting  feather resources because of the popularity of the feather trend - it didn't seem logical to us that sourcing  feathers in hi-volume  was a 'cruelty free' process. So, we decided to do more research and read one of the leading manufacturer's account of how these birds lives were cut short for their plummage and how their plight sadly ends by being gassed with carbon dioxide - we could read no more. 

So, while we are sad that we won't be sporting some trendy feather colors this summer, we are more happy to uphold our philosophy. At Moko, we have very high eco-friendly standards and product criteria. Hurting animals strictly for their plummage doesn't fit in with our vibe. 

We hope you understand and thank you for your support.


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