Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming Clean

wowee-what a sweet review from

"Monique Mason’s new beauty haven, Moko, feels like our favorite Old City shops – eclectic wares artfully arranged within tiny storefronts staffed by extreme extroverts – but, like all the rest, it’s just different enough to stand out. For starters, the spa and beauty destination is eco-friendly, only stocking all-natural products on its very-limited shelf space. They’re the same tried-and-true lotions and potions used in Moko treatments like the ayurvedic balancing facial, which uses a blend of Indian herbs and essential oils to get skin back to good, and the detox scalp treatment, perfect for summer to rid tresses of nasty product overload. But before the pampering can begin, aesthetician Kelly Hughes meets with each client to analyze their diet, stress level and sleeping patterns before tailoring each service to meet their needs. You’ll want to lie about your obsession with chocolate croissants and how you wake up in cold sweats about work but do yourself a favor and fess up. She’s there to help."

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